Monthly Playlist: March 2015

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Birthday Makeup Wishlist 2015

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bday wishlist 2015

I can't believe that my 23rd birthday is next week! It's not really that big of deal though. I've noticed that as I've gotten older, my birthdays aren't as exciting. And my birthday is on a Monday this year. So I'll be at school for a few hours. Maybe I'll do something on the weekend. 

Every year I do a basic birthday wishlist, but this year I wanted to do a makeup wishlist. I've been looking for new makeup products and these are some things I've been dying to try. 

What are some makeup products you've been wanting to try?

Monthly Playlist: February 2015

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What's On My Galaxy S4

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What's On My Galaxy S4
I've been wanting to do a what's on my phone blog post for a little while now, but I wanted to wait until I got a new phone because my old one was pretty crappy. I got the Samsung Galaxy S4 about a month ago and I'm obsessed with it. I have so many apps on it, but instead of listing everything on my phone, I decided to just share my most used apps. 

1 Second EverydayI've only had this app for less than a month, but I really like the concept. You literally just record a 1 second video clip every day and then over time you can create a whole video with all the clips.

1WeatherMy favorite weather app ever. I just really like the design and accuracy of it.

2048 PuzzleI don't know why, but I don't like to have games on my phone. So this is the only game on my phone! I love that it really makes you think. 

Animal-FreeSuper helpful vegetarian/vegan app. You can look up ingredients to see if they're vegan and what the ingredient actually is.

HappyCow: Another helpful vegetarian/vegan app. It shows you vegan and vegetarian-friendly food places nearby. 

Instagram: Of course! Who doesn't have Instagram these days? This is probably my most used app. 

Google Keep: A really handy app for reminders, notes, and to-do lists.

Nike Training: The only fitness app that I've ever loved.

Pinterest: I mostly just use this app to see my style inspiration pins when I'm out shopping or I'm trying to find something to wear. 

Reddit is fun: I'm not really a Reddit user. I just love reading stories from NoSleep and LetsNotMeet. I'll usually read a few stories while I'm laying in bed before I go to sleep. 

Tumblr: Because I'm addicted to Tumblr.

VSCO Cam: My #1 go-to photo editing app!

My Current Favorite Blushes

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My Current Favorite Blushes
NYX Cinnamon Powder Blush Milani Rose D'Oro Baked Blush
I didn't start wearing it until like 2 years ago. I actually used to hate blush. All I ever saw was really badly applied pink blush and I honestly didn't know they even had blushes in any other color. I don't care for pink blush at all, especially on myself. I prefer more orange/coral toned blushes. I've been in love with Nars Taj Mahal for awhile now, but I really don't want to spend $30 on a blush. So I've been trying to find some drugstore blushes that are just as pretty. These are the 2 that I've been loving. 

NYX Cinnamon Powder Blush: This is seriously the only blush I used last year. I think because it's orange most people would only wear it in the spring and summer, but I wear it year round. I really like the way it looks on my skin. 

Milani Rose D'Oro Baked Blush: I recently picked this blush up and I haven't used any other blush since. It's honestly the prettiest blush I have ever seen. It's a shimmery blush so it really makes my skin glow. I like my skin to look dewy and luminous so this blush is perfect for me.