Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Fashion Style
Vanessa Hudgens Fashion Style
I feel like my style has really evolved over these past few years. I say evolved because it hasn't completely changed. I still like the same things as before but now I like a wider variety. I've always been really into the whole boho style, but I honestly felt like I was too fat to pull it off. I felt like because of my shape and size it wouldn't be flattering. But I recently decided to get over that. I'm going to dress the way I want to. Whether it's "flattering" or not. Life is too short not to wear what makes you happy.So now I'm in the process of reinventing my wardrobe. I've already started buying some boho style pieces. And all of those pieces are the things I feel the happiest and prettiest in. I think that's a pretty good sign that I've found my personal style. If you guys know of any affordable stores that sell cute boho clothes and accessories. Asos and Forever 21 are my go to places right now. I LOVE Free People and Jen's Pirate Booty, but I can't afford anything from there. #Broke 

So I'm in love with Vanessa. I seriously love everything she wears. Her style is PERFECTION. I've been getting a lot of my outfit ideas from her lately. I love that she wears a lot of boho but still wears other styles too. That's exactly how my style is. I don't like to only wear one type of style all the time. It's nice to change it up. Sometimes I like to wear kimonos and flower crowns. Other times I like to wear beanies and sneakers. Even though I truly believe that boho is my personal style, I don't think I'll ever only wear that style. It's just the style I'll wear most of the time.

Who's your style icon?

Monthly Playlist: May 2014

(I do not own photo. Photo credit: Google Images. Unfortunately, I do not know who the owner of this photo is, so I can't properly credit them.)

Demi Lovato- Really Don't Care
Katy Perry- Birthday
MKTO- Goodbye Song
Lola Blanc- Bad Tattoo
John Hart- Twerk
Tove Lo Ft. Hippie Sabotage- Stay High (Habits Remix) 
Daniel J- A Girl Like You
MKTO- Nowhere
Austin Mahone All I Ever Need
The 1975- Settle Down

P.s. If you click on the hearts, it will take you to the YouTube video of that song!

DIY Floral Dreamcatcher

I'm so excited to finally post this diy project. I've been wanting to do it since January! I couldn't do it then because I had to wait for the dollar store to get fake flowers in. I just can't imagine paying $8 for one bunch flowers when I can get 10 bunches of flowers for $10. So now that it's spring, the dollar store had tons of fake flowers. I started the dreamcatcher as soon as I got home with the flowers. It came out a lot nicer than I imagined it would. I'm actually really happy with it. I'm thinking about making a few more. It took me about 6 hours, but that's because I had to stop inbetween every step to take pictures. I honestly think the results are worth all the time spent though!

You will need: 
- A metal hoop
-Plastic beaded necklace
-Fake flowers
-Hot glue gun

1. Wrap the hoop with yarn and weave the inner part. I didn't show pictures of how to do it because I feel like a video would be easier to show how it's done. THIS video is the one that I used.

2. Tie three strands of yarn onto the hoop. Then loosely braid them. I ended up doing 4 braids.

3. Cut the beaded necklace so that you have 2 strands. Then get a small piece of yarn and tie one end to the necklace and the other end to the hoop. 

4. Cut off the flowers with about an inch of the stem. Bend the stem like shown in the picture. 

5. Glue flowers to the hoop. Be sure to press them down and hold until the glue dries. 

6. Add more details to the bottom. I ended up adding some ribbon, beads and flowers. For the beaded strands, I just took a piece of yarn, tied it to the hoop, and glued beads on. I did the same things for the flower strands. I didn't really think I needed to add those steps but if you guys need me to show them, let me know and I'll add pictures of how I did it.


I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and make some gorgeous dreamcatchers too. Don't forget to tweet me or tag me on Instagram so I can see them! 

Dizzy Sandals Review and Giveaway!

I recently received some shoes from Dizzy Sandals for review. Dizzy has become a brand that is known for its unique and imaginative high-fashion footwear. I am super happy with the shoes the received. I would definitely recommend checking out the site if you're looking for some new shoes. 

The first pair of shoes I got were the Regan boots*. They kind of remind me of Dr. Martens. It actually kind of funny because I used to HATE Dr. Martens but lately I've been liking them. So I really like these because they are similar. They're also pretty comfortable.The only thing I don't really care for is the laces. I think I'm going to replace them with black ones. 

The second pair I got was their Victory jelly sandals*. I've been living in these lately. They are really cute and go with pretty much anything. My only two complaints about them are that they don't have much cushion and they have gold details. I don't really like gold too much. I only wear gold sometimes because I think gold just looks better with certain outfits. I'd prefer that they were silver. Other than that, these shoes are perfect. If they sold them in other colors I would definitely purchase them.

Dizzy Sandals was nice enough to sponsor a giveaway for you guys! The winner will receive one pair of shoes of their choice from the Dizzy Sandals website. All you have to do is use the entry form below. Good luck! 

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