Wednesday, January 30, 2013

50 Random Facts Tag!


1. I've lived in Southern California my whole life.

2. I'm from San Diego.

3. I've never met a celebrity before.

4. I hate milk. Ew. 

5. I wear contacts...I'm pretty much blind without them!

6. I love peanut butter. 

7. I'm obsessed with horror movies.

8. I'm a vegetarian. Best. Decision. ever.

9. I've always wanted blue or pink hair. 

10. I love really hot (spicy) foods.

11. I'm not a morning person at all. 

12. T. Mills is my favorite music artist.

13. I'm only 5'3.

14. I hate chocolate. Even the smell of it. 

15. I dislike going on rides but...

16. I love going to amusement parks and carnivals.

17. I have a cat named Pepsi.

18. I'm ambidextrous.

19. I'm super creative.

20. I'm a little too honest. 

21. My favorite month is October. 

22. I'm horrible at math. 

23. I was already reading at a college level by 5th grade.

24. I really want to visit Brazil so..

25. I'm trying to learn Portuguese.

26. I've never been to Vegas.

27. I've never been on an airplane...And unless they allow me to bring a parachute, its never happening!

28. I'm a huge animal lover. 

29. I love the rain.

30. I'm great at reading lips.

31. I laugh a lot. 

32. I'm super into paranormal things.

33. I'm awkward around really cute guys.

34. I rarely drink any juice, soda or alcohol. 98% of the time, I'm drinking water.

35. I hate romantic, love story movies. 

36. My favorite show is The Walking Dead.

37. I use Google at least 3 times a day. 

38. I'm very opinionated.

39. Paul Walker has been my celebrity crush since 2001.

40. I will finally be 21 in March (yay!)

41. I love to read.

42. I'm super shy. 

43. I make lists for almost everything. 

44. I'm very organized.

45. I almost never wear white.

46. I love meeting new people.

47. I love making ugly faces in the mirror.

48. I cannot walk in heels.

49. I love British tv shows.

50. I have great memory. 

I saw this tag on Youtube and I thought I'd do it so you guys could get to know me a little better.Hope you guys enjoyed it. I tag all of you! If you do it, send me the link. I would love to read about you guys! x

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