Monday, March 11, 2013

30 Things I Hate

1. Liars

2. Gender Roles

3. When people try to push their religion on you.

4. Animal abuse.

5. People who wear real fur. 

5. Slow computers.

6. Romantic/ love story movies.

7. When celebs treat their fans like crap. 

8. Drugs. 

9. When people constantly talk badly about their body.

10.  People who constantly talk about how much weed they smoke. (WE DON'T CARE!) 

11. When people argue on Instagram. 

12. Bloggers who wont speak to other bloggers unless they have a huge amount of followers. 

13. Uggs. 

14. Close-minded people.

15. People who make fun of the disabled. 

16. Men who refer to all women as "bitches".

17. Mayonnaise.  

18.  People of any race using the N-word. 

19. Slut shaming.

20. When people don't know the difference between "Your" and "You're". 

21. When guys say things like "You must be on your period" when I get mad or yell at them. 

22. "Swag". 

23. Racism.

24. Super overly sensitive people. 

25. Pointy nails. 

26. Child abuse. 

27. "Vegetarians" that eat seafood. 

28. Kids that were born in 1997-99 and call themselves 90's kids .

29. Migraines. 

30. Overly cocky, arrogant people.

What are 30 things you guys hate? I tag you all to do this! xx

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