Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer 2013 Bucket List!

Summer 2013 Bucket list Tumblr

I still cannot believe how fast time has been going by! Summer 2013 is right around the corner! So I decided to make my summer bucket list for this year. My main focus is taking summer classes, but I still want to have fun! I didn't make the list too long because I want it to actually be doable. I see some people have over a hundred things on their summer bucket lists. That's just crazy! And I always wonder if they actually did all of that...probably not. Lol. But anyway, here's my summer bucket list:

1. Learn how to surf

2. Make a new friend

3. Go camping

4. Go to a water park

5. Do outdoor yoga

6. Volunteer 

7. Go to the San Diego fair

8. Go on a road trip

9. Meet Ryan and Autumn

10. Spend a whole weekend partying

11. Go to the Drive-In Movies

12. Go swimming as much as possible

13. Start a video diary

14. Read a few good books

15. Have a bonfire

16. Go to a concert

17. Do some random acts of kindness

18. Try paddle boarding

19. Do lots of diy projects

20. See a psychic

What's on your summer bucket list?! 


  1. I wish the beach was closer to my house so I can learn how to surf but it is accessible.

    I agree with:

    Making a Bonfire
    Reading a Book
    Making a new friend

    Hopefully I will travel more, and attend more concerts.

    Love your blog!


  2. How are you going to do your video diary? That sounds super cool.

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  3. Make a big Party!