Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Everyday Essentials + Giveaway!

Everyday Essentials
Do you guys have some items you feel like you literally couldn't function without? I know I do. And I wanted to share them with you guys. These are items I use all the time and have become my everyday essentials. I use all of these things every single day.

Planner: I cannot live without my planner. If I don't have one, I feel like my life is a complete mess. At the beginning of this year, I couldn't find a decent planner. So I went a few weeks without one and I was so unorganized. My planner is definitely my number one everyday essential. I couldn't live without it.

SillyLips Lip Balm
SillyLips Lip Balm: As you can see, I use my lip balm a lot. Especially during the winter because my lips get really chapped. I like this one a lot because it really moisturizes my lips, and it actually lasts for hours. 
Relogy Skin Balancing Lotion: I think I've blogged about this before, but I still love it. This moisturizer is the best one I've ever used. It doesn't make my face feel greasy like the other ones I've tried. And it's really soothing. 

Jam Classic Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: My dad got me this for Christmas, and it is seriously amazing. I use it every single day. It gets so loud, and the sound quality is great. I also love how small it is because it's easier to take it wherever I want.

Sunglasses: I almost always have sunglasses on when I'm out. No matter what the weather. This is my current favorite pair. I got them from a swapmeet last summer, but I think forever 21 used to sell a similar style. 

Camera: I was so hesitant to include my camera because it's so old. I've had this camera since about my junior year of high school. Crazy, right? But It still works pretty well even though it's only 8.2 mega pixels. I know I really do need a new camera though but until then my camera works just find.

Hummingbird Feeder Glass Bottle: If you know me, you know that I drink tons of water. I mean I could go through a flat of water in less than a week. I just love water so much. But I found out that plastic water bottles can  be harmful to both myself and the environment. So I made the switch to a glass bottle. I got mine from Faucet Face. I love them because a portion of the sales from each bottle goes toward making biosand filters. So it's beneficial to others too. And one of you guys can win a bottle just like mine! All you have to do is enter using the entry form below. Simple and easy!


  1. fun shades! xx

  2. I love the Hummingbird Feeder water bottle.

  3. The hummingbird feeder one is so pretty!

  4. The Hummingbird feeder is super cute!

  5. The "Tap is Terrific" is a cute one!

  6. I like the Hummingbird Feeder' Glass Bottle. :)

  7. I like the Hose Water design. I was totally a hose water kid!

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