Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Haircare Favorites!

I've been trying to get my hair long again for years now. Long story short, my hair used to be really long but it all broke off because the "hairdresser" didn't know what she was doing. After it all broke off, I stopped relaxing my hair, and I will never ever do it again. To be honest, I'm still pretty bitter about it. After years of trying to get my hair healthy again, I finally found out what works for my hair. So I wanted to share with you guys the products that helped my hair grow and get healthy. I really hope this post helps anyone who is struggling with damaged hair. 

Argan oil repairing shampoo*: This shampoo is amazing. First off, it is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, alcohol, and artificial colors. So it's really good for the hair. It is infused with Argan oil. So while it washes the hair, it also moisturizes. This is the shampoo i use most of the time because my hair needs oil. My hair always feels super soft after using it. 
Medicated dandruff shampoo: I used to have really bad dandruff. I tried different shampoos and all natural things but nothing worked. I heard good reviews on the Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo so I went to the store to buy it. Well it was kind of expensive, so i decided to try the store brand one because it has all the same ingredients. The first time I used it, my dandruff was almost completely gone! So it works very well even on the worst dandruff. The only downside is that it strips hair color a lot. 
Keratin protein smoothing shampoo*: This shampoo and the conditioner smell so good. I'm pretty sure its the best smelling shampoo I've ever used. Like the Argan oil shampoo, it is free of harmful ingredients. Since this is a protein shampoo, I only use it about twice a month. Too much protein can damage your hair and make it break off. I also don't need to use it as much because my hair isn't over processed. Protein treatments and shampoos are great for people who bleach or relax their hair often. But for people who don't it's great to just make sure your hair stays strong. 

Argan oil repairing conditioner*: Best conditioner ever. I love the way my hair feels after using it. Many of the conditioners I have used before leave my hair feeling weird. Almost like I have a coating of it on my hair after even after I rinsed it out. This conditioner doesn't leave that feeling. Instead, it makes my hair feel really fresh and clean. Not to mention, super soft! I honestly can't see myself using any other conditioner ever again.
Keratin protein smoothing conditioner*: This conditioner also makes my hair feels really soft. My hair smells amazing after using it too.

Argan oil* and Keratin protein oil*: My hair needs oil to stay healthy and moisturized. So i always make sure I have oil in my hair. These oils are perfect. Most of the oils I use are really runny and messy. But these oils are actually really thick, making it easier and less messy to apply to my hair. They leave my hair silky and smooth.
Coconut oil: I like to do an oil treatment once a week, and this is the oil I personally think works best for it. It's super simple to do. I'll do a separate post on it later this week. 

Eco Styler Gel: I usually use the olive oil one, but I ran out so I've been using the Argan oil one. These gels are perfect for natural hairstyles because they contain oil and UV protection. I also love the fact that they have maximum hold, but doesn't make my hair stiff. 

Proclaim Heat Protection: I barely ever straighten my hair anymore but when I do, this is the heat protectant i use. It doesn't leave my hair greasy, but it does add some shine.

What are some of your haircare favorites?